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Madagascar: A Joyful Dance of Nature and Culture

A chameleon strikes

Words and images: Antananarivo-based wildlife photographer and professional tourism guide Armel of Exotic Madagascar

Ancient Baobab trees frame a Madagascan sunset

Madagascar is where I call home, so its wonders feel like everyday sights to me. However, for many travellers I encounter, merely hearing its name sparks awe and thrill. Often dubbed the 'eighth continent' due to its vastness and mysteries yet to be unveiled, my island sanctuary, nestled just off the south-eastern shores of Africa, is a vibrant tapestry of life, traditions, and hidden splendours.

A World of Its Own

Imagine a place where evolution had a party and invited only the most unique guests. That's my Madagascar! With 90% of its wildlife exclusive to the island, every corner promises delightful surprises. Whether it's the playful antics of the lemurs or the chameleons' mesmerizing colour dance, Madagascar is nature's playground.

Artistry in Every Hand

My people are called Malagasy, but we're more than just inhabitants of this land; we are its soulful artists. Each region of the island is like a gallery, showcasing the meticulous silk weavings of the highlands or the coastal areas' intricate wood carvings. These aren't just crafts; they're stories, traditions, and a vibrant splash of the island's cultural palette.

Come, Celebrate Madagascar!

If you're yearning for an adventure that's sprinkled with joy, laughter, and awe, Madagascar is your destination. As you immerse in its wonders, remember the Malagasy saying, "Tsy misy azo atao tsy misy fiantraikany". Every action has its consequence. So, let's make our journey a joyous dance that respects and celebrates this island's magic.

Allez Madagascar, we are an island that never stops celebrating!

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