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Conning Christians

TV preachers have been a phenomenon in the United States since the 1950s involving preachers, usually televangelists, who con money from viewers in the name of spiritual healing or enriching oneself.

The overwhelming tactic of choice is to employ fear tactics to persuade people to give money. They may suggest that if the viewer does not give money, then they will suffer consequences while they often talk of ‘miracle cures’ that can be achieved through donations or through the purchase of their products.

It is not unknown that some often make extravagant claims that their products can make the viewer wealthier, have better health, or even be healed from a terminal illness. They also often make claims that their products are endorsed by God, which clearly is misleading.

Unfortunately, these preachers have been successful in conning many people out of their money, and they are still a major problem in the US. It is important to be aware of their tactics and not to be taken in by their claims. People should be careful to only give money to legitimate organizations if they wish to donate, and to research any claims made by preachers before donating.

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