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Ooooo. Taboo.

Pic credit: Mika Baumeister

Jumping into the abyss.

That Donald Trump is now officially under (his first?) indictment by the Manhattan District attorney's office shouldn't be a surprise to anyone in touch with reality. Electing someone so deficient, so inept, so self-absorbed and vainglorious and especially so uninterested in good governance and honest public service was always evident to an audience outside the US.

You should have seen us shouting at the TV when that fluke win was announced in 2016. Ha-ha-clunk was the echo as our collective heads fell off. What the hell were they thinking? Trump?

Photo by Kyle Ryan

And then there was this 'thing' that I took notice of for the first time: that the popular vote for office was won by the Democrat nominee. How does that make an election a democratic choice? How is it that the Constitution of the US begins with words that the electoral system of a so-called democracy doesn't observe? 'We the people...' doesn't fit in with the voting system of all-or-nothing via the Electoral College system.

Not only was Donald Trump elected because of this weird system of losing-but-winning, it was greatly aided by two criminal conspiracies.

The first was the involvement of a hostile foreign government, Russia, which had stolen emails from the Clinton campaign and then leaked them to give Trump an advantage - and the other was Trump's own campaign, which was found to have been involved in the stolen emails and the Russian government's attempt to help him win.

So when I hear the words 'unprecedented to indict an ex-president' what I'm really thinking is...

About time.

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