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Ride Darwin, Ride

The faint sound of pedals turning amidst the city’s hustle and bustle brings a smile to Darwin’s face. He is not such and young man, and yet he feels youthful riding his bicycle through the city’s streets, without a care in the world.

He pedals slowly, taking in all the sights and sounds around him. As he rides, a certain melancholic joy washes over him. Amidst the chaos of cars and buses, he notices the small things: the colourful graffiti adorning the walls, the street art, the litter, the neighbourhood and its collection weirdos. Despite all of the flaws in this place he feels connected to the city and its inhabitants.

At home he listens to a mix of old-school hip-hop, folk-rock, reggae and jazz, with the beats and melodies creating an imaginary soundtrack for his journey. He dreams of himself as a musician with his voice and sounds accompanying the sights and sounds of the city, as if it was a part of the fabric of the urban landscape.

But amidst the beauty of the city, Darwin is also conscious of the issues that plague it. He is aware of the poverty and inequality, of the pollution and the destruction of nature. These thoughts bring a certain sadness to his heart, but a sadness that is tempered by his hope for a better future - even for the weirdos.

As he continues his ride, Darwin is filled with a sense of peace and contentment. He is happy to be a part of this ever-changing city and its people. He takes pleasure in the simple joys of riding his retro bicycle, feeling the wind on his face, and being part of the vibrant urban landscape. Darwin rides on and on, his music and his thoughts accompanying him as he explores the city and its people. He knows that he is only a tiny part of the big picture, but he takes comfort in the small things he can do to make a difference.

He is an urban rider, embracing the joy of riding his retro bicycle in the city, without a care in the world.

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