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Smarter than God. Less judgemental too.


Lex Fridman could be just another famous dude who comes across as a dick. But he's not. He's known for kindness and generosity and that's just one (sorry, two) of the reasons why I think he's the man for to shout out.


As an AI researcher, Lex is passionate about creating a better world for everyone and has a reputation for being incredibly kind and thoughtful to everyone he meets, from colleagues and contemporaries to the guests he interviews. Hell, he's even got empathy and hope for that antisemite, 'Ye'.

His open-mindedness and willingness to listen to different perspectives make him instantly relatable to millions, while his power of critical thinking and the importance of using reason and logic to solve complex problems make him so much more than some faux-commentator. Man Crush

Whether it’s offering advice on a project or simply lending an ear when someone needs to talk, Lex (can I call you Lex??) is always available and willing to help - he's a huge advocate for social justice and civil rights, and is always advocating for positive change and progress.

Personally, I find Lex an inspiration, and his story is a great example of how one man uses his intellect and fame in function of defending universal truths and goodness above self-enrichment.


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